Get With The Movement

These lightweight but incredibly realistic full-bodied Sillosocks™ decoys have revolutionised the hunting experience. It's not just that they pack down small for carrying or that they are so easy to set up in the field, what really blows us away is how they bob and weave in the breeze creating a natural movement that really draws the birds in.

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The Origins

It has often been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and it's never been more true than in the origins of Sillosocks™. For most keen game bird hunters the requirement to haul kit bags full of decoying equipment just goes with the territory. We learn from experience that this either restricts us to places we can easily access by road and a short walk, or limits the amount of gear we can carry if we have further to go. In the words of the inventor "Sillosocks™ were created because no major airline would pull my decoy trailer". Many of us will understand this feeling.

Sillosocks™ were created because no major airline would pull my decoy trailer

Inventor of Sillosocks™

"I wanted to be able to use my own decoys when traveling to hunt" he said. "I have used other windsocks and their effectiveness is proven but they are rather bulky and heads and stake become lost or broken over time. Silhouette decoys add a Compare definite lifelike appearance to a spread but disappear from certain angles. I believe subtle motion greatly enhances the realistic appearance of any decoy spread."

"Sillosocks™ were created to combine the best aspects of silhouette and windsocks decoys. No other motion decoy comes close to Sillosocks™ for lightweight compact portability with a full body appearance. You can throw 10 dozen in you trunk and off you go."

Combines the best of silhouette and windsock decoys.

Full body appearance. Moves like a windsock. Portability of a silhouette.