Crow Decoys

You'll be doing farmers a favour and testing your skill with this tricky bird. Naturally suspicious you'll gain a real advantage using Sillosocks™ Crow decoys to coax these pests into range. Used alongside Sillosocks™ Pigeon decoys they make a thoroughly believable pattern.

Windsock Crow Decoys


Perfectly resembling a Crow with outstretched wings, the Hypa-Flap makes a convincing decoy and adds realistic movement to your pattern.

The Hypa-Flaps are made from strong black veolour finish resulting in a realistic, non-glare body in addition to a fully flock coated head and neck. The integral thumbscrew permits the decoy to be attached to bouncers or rotary machines for added effect.

As the breeze catches the decoy flexible rods in the wings respond to the wind creating a believable flapping motion that catches the eye of birds overhead.

The decoy dismantles and folds down for easy transportation. The integral bouncing rod can be fixed at different heights for added effect.

Sentry and Feeding

The velour windsock decoy absorbs light eliminating shine. The decoy bobs and changes direction with the breeze adding natural movement to your pattern without motors or batteries. The decoy folds flat for transportation.

Combines the best of silhouette and windsock decoys.

Full body appearance. Moves like a windsock. Portability of a silhouette.