Get With The Movement

These lightweight but incredibly realistic full-bodied Sillosocks™ decoys have revolutionised the hunting experience. It's not just that they pack down small for carrying or that they are so easy to set up in the field, what really blows us away is how they bob and weave in the breeze creating a natural movement that really draws the birds in.

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Wildfowl Decoys

View our full range of Goose and Duck decoys, including Canada Geese, Pinkfoot Geese and Mallard Ducks, in original windsock and Hypa-Flap models.

Pigeon Decoys

View our full range of Wood Pigeon decoys in original windsock, original Hypa-Flap and new motorised Hypa-Flap models.

Crow Decoys

View our lifelike and luxurious velour crow decoys in original windsock and Hypa-Flap models.

Combines the best of silhouette and windsock decoys.

Full body appearance. Moves like a windsock. Portability of a silhouette.